An Introduction About Me

I grew up in an age when the internet was first introduced and the only popular digital programs available were Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, ICQ, MSN, mRIC was all the rage. Back then, desktop programs and mainframes softwares dominated the market.

We used Microsoft Office productivity suites, played PC games such as Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein from floppy disks, and later came Westwood Studio's Command & Conquer, Westwood Studio's Red Alert, Blizzard's StarCraft, Blizzard's Diablo when the CD era just begun.

Our lecturers back then taught us C/C++ programming languages with Turbo C/C++, Visual C++, Sun Microsystems Java, and Assembly Language for Embedded Engineering. I remembered it was about that time when I learnt Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Pagemaker.

It was a time of great excitement when Cybercafe's came equipped with Pentium processors and CRT monitors and LAN game parties brought lots of entertainment to us with a whooping cost of RM12/hour.

My coding journey started back then and I was hooked onto coding and the web world. I used to spend hours on my Pentium 1 machine learning HTML, Javascript, and then later CSS when it was introduced.

Building websites soon took over my interest and I spent a good deal of time during my high school days learning and experimenting until the wee hours of the morning.

As my expertise grew, I took the time to build websites for others, and myself. In due time, I begin exploring other programming languages such as php, python and Java with AWT toolkit, then later to Swing toolkit.

In my university days, I built console and desktop applications from C/C++ for assignments and for fun. During my final year project, I built an entire Internet-Of-Things (IOT) system by myself.

Looking at my final year project, I was headhunted by many industry professionals to be roped into their team. However, I was among the few who were recognized for talents, leading to employment before graduation.

From the day I worked, up until now, the Research and Development industry is where I call home. The challenges of complexity, exploring new fontiers, keeping abreast with technology is a rewarding experience.

I have worked with dozens of technologies and frameworks for web, software and engineering projects; and hope my experience from 20+ years will be of value to you and your business.

I have 20+ years of experience in the research and development in the web design and development industry as well as software engineering industry, and I can build a suitable website that is within your budget.

Hire me today to build a suitable website according to your budget today by sending me a WhatsApp at Fan Isaac.

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