When A Content Management System Website Is Simply Not Enough !

Content Management System (CMS) are all the rage these days. Building a website with CMS shortens website development time, eases deployment, provides a backend admin interface and allows features to be added through the use of plugins.

Everything is so easy. Web developers love it, business owners love it, and end users love it. Having said that, this is where we are supposed to say ""...and they lived happily ever after." rite ? Well, unfortunately, this is subjective.

A CMS is good for a startup/transitioning business that does not require too much customization or extensibility. Cost may be well within budget, and quick deployment means that rolling out your website on time is practically great.

However, when it comes to complex features, or future scalability; there is a limit before costs starts to skyrocket. A CMS plugin offered by third party usually comes at a trade off. More often than not, subscribing or purchasing the plugin is often required to license those features for use.

CMS plugins do not come cheap, with some available at wallet burning costs, and some are practically on an end where it's simply not practical to implement due to budget contraints. Dependency on that CMS plugin is a vital factor that cannot be discounted.

While a newly minted CMS website with all the plugins runs great for a distance, over time, the plugin may cease to work in the way it used to due to required updates or the developer has ceased to maintain the plugin.

Compounding cost of CMS plugin is also a critical factor to consider due to the fact that a business has to absorb the burden of paying for multiple CMS plugins, in addition to servicing the Websites Infrastructure.

As a rule of thumb, if you are planning to advance the website over time with more features, it is best to invest in a custom made website where development costs for features are usually a one-time factor, with the options to add more advance ideas without the limiting factor of having to pay for expensive recurring plugin plans.

Engaging a good developer to service your website who will assist you in ensuring your website or web application is up to date is a good investment.

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